Attention: Seekers of Well-Being and Radiant Health:

“You Have the Power to Change!”

Increase Your Health and Well-Being
by Learning to Trust Your Own Authority–



_you are stressed out by daily life
_you are feeling completely drained
_you have secret feelings you’ve never told anyone
_you suffer from low self-esteem and a poor self-image
_you are experiencing chronic health problems
_you are overwhelmed, fed up, and at the end of your rope
_you feel guilty that you’re not doing more for your loved ones


AND you are ready and willing to make some changes, then
you are in the right place.

If you are ready to improve your health and feel better about yourself and your life, then maybe it’s time to start acknowledging and feeling all those feelings you hid and buried for so long in your life.

Living your life can bring up a whole host of issues — from long-hidden toxic emotions buried in childhood, to inadequacies, fear, anger, dread, and guilt.

My name is Betty Smith, and I have been on this path.

During the early days in my marriage, I had a stunning realization: my relationship with my husband was simply recreating the pain and dysfunction we’d experienced as children.

As a young mother, I prayed at the dinette window. I cried out to God for change — no matter what the cost. Although that moment was nearly a half century ago, I still remember the answer that came to me.

“If you want change in your life, then feel your feelings,
write and speak from the truth of your own experience.”

From that moment on, I have been on a journey. I made a decision that day, and it has guided me throughout my lifetime. I have always made choices that moved me away from pain. I’ve moved toward those things that felt internally more “right” for me.

In doing so, I was going against the tide of generations of social conditioning. I was slowly acknowledging my own inner authority and bit-by-bit healing the inner toxic emotions. After years of burying my feelings to be a “good woman,” I finally started to pay attention to an inner knowingness, even when it went against the socially sanctioned definitions of “acceptable.”

Rev. Don Chapin PhD. had this to say about my journey: “Betty has attempted to do what far too many “scholars” could never accomplish: To take the circumstances of her own life, do her own research from a wide variety of resources to better understand that life from emotional, intellectual and intuitional aspects… and succeed!”

Even as a mother, I wasn’t the one on call when the children were ill. I wasn’t any good at caregiving. My husband took care of the sick kids. I have lived through being the Family Caregiver for my 94-year-old mother AND my husband with Parkinson’s. Both of them have passed. I would not have survived them, what with all the stress of being a family caregiver, without following the health and well-being protocols that I describe here.

After experiencing the role of Family Caregiver and its tide of toxic emotions, even though I have worked for years to feel and heal my real feelings, I would not have outlived my mother and husband without finding ways to release these trapped negative emotions.  If you are faced with deep issues to handle, I’ll bet you too would love to find a way to lighten your load.

You see, based on my own experience, I know that most people need some support to confront deep healing opportunities like this.

And especially when the changes go against commonly held beliefs. I want to support you in learning to hear, listen and take action from your own inner knowingness to do what is right for you. You too can be your own authority. We all had this ability as children, but it was trained out of us from a young age. It’s time to get that back– for our own health and sanity.

Hint: If you’ve ever had the experience of making a decision to follow your own inner direction, even when your choice went completely contrary to the established wisdom or what was expected by your society, then you have taken the first step in affirming your inner authority.

Why Should You Listen to Betty L. Smith?

Betty L. Smith was thrust into a role as family caregiver to her 90+ year old mother and husband with Parkinson’s during 2009. It lasted for four years. She survived, in part, because she found and used alternative protocols for releasing trapped negative emotions.

For people who are in stressful situations, Betty shares the wisdom of many years exploring alternative paths. She  addresses the unique issues and needs of those thrust into stressful and misaligned life roles. Through her group coaching teleseminars, Betty opens the possibilities for her people to STOP feeling drained, angry, stressed, and guilty.

Building from the principles in her book, The Power to Change, Betty offers seasoned guidance to all those in challenging journeys toward personal well-being. Just as airline flight attendants say, “Put on your own oxygen mask before you assist others,” Betty supports those seeking health and well-being by showing them how to create inner shifts and lasting results by tuning in to their true feelings and learning to trust their own inner authority.

“I celebrate the courageous pathway Betty Smith paved ahead of me to make my way as a woman easier in this world, a pathway paved ahead of her time and hand to her heart!”
–Sheva Carr, CEO of Fyera!

“Betty skillfully takes you in to her internal world, drawing you more and more deeply into your own feelings and experience as you continue to read. A rare skill indeed!”
Judith Sherven PhD
Co-author of Beloved For Who You Really Are
St. Martin’s Press

If you would like to start feeling better and healing old toxic feelings, then my special report for Family Caregivers,The Right Recipe: How to Be Your Own Authority — Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually– To Increase Your Health and Well-Being, can help. Just sign up to receive this free report. First type in your name and email in the boxes below. Then click the button that says “Yes! Sign me up.”

Yes, Betty!

I want to join your community and learn more about being healthier and happier, with less stress, by developing my own inner authority.  Please send me your free report!


I look forward to welcoming you to our community, getting to know you, and supporting you as you travel a path to health and well-being.

Warm regards,

Betty L. Smith
Author and Well-Being Results Coach

P.S. If I can do it, so can you! Isn’t it time to learn to trust your own inner authority? Let me tell you, it’s been the journey of a lifetime. My Right Recipe Special Report, How to Be Your Own Authority To Increase Your Health and Well-Being, can give you practical insights to help you take action sooner rather than later.

P.P.S. If I can help you learn to trust your inner knowingness and be your own authority, then I will be doing the service I was put here to do.

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  1. Lea Walters says:

    Hi Betty, yes, please send me How to be my own inner authority. Thanks, Lea

  2. Thank you for sharing your light! Just wanted to leave an angel blessing to help you attract radiant vitality, success, prosperity and joy. May your life overflow with blessings. Namaste!

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